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6″ + 4″ Dual Head Pallet Dismantling Bars™

Innovation, not imitation:

Cargo Cycles products are often copied, but they have never been equalled! 

With the addition of wider 145mm deck boards and stringer boards becoming more popular and prevalent on some Euro-pallets and 4-way wooden block pallets in circulation, I have decided to introduce the 6″+ 4″ Dual Head Pallet Dismantling Bar. 

Having made them specifically to individual order over the last 5 to 6 years I thought it was time they were officially included into the range.

The 6″+ 4″ bars have a standard 4” (100mm) wide head on one end and at the other end a 6” (150mm) wide head with a pair of 33% longer fork tines.

The layout and features of the head are identical to the other Cargo Cycles Pallet Dismantling Bars, and like the other bars in the range the 6” + 4” bars have been ergonomically designed, properly engineered, with the steel being appropriately prepared which permits full fusion, full penetration welds making an extremely robust, effective, efficient and well balanced to use bar, and like all Cargo Cycles Pallet Dismantling Bars they are ambidextrous so they can be used by both right and left handed people.

Please note that these 6”+ 4” bars are longer, wider, heavier, have an additional component part and require a supplementary 60cm (24 inches) more of full penetration weld so they do take me longer to make than the standard 4” + 2” dual head pallet dismantling bars, which is why they are slightly more expensive to purchase and to dispatch.

The 2″ wide head is shown in these photos for size comparison purposes only.

If you wish to purchase a bar with a 2″ wide head please go to the appropriate page.

IMG_7603 - Copy (2)IMG_7670 - Copy (2)IMG_7673




The Cargo Cycles 6″ + 4″ Dual Head Pallet Bars are £52.75 each, plus £12.25 Postage & Packing UK Mainland Postal Zone A only making a total of £65.00  

Please note  these bars are currently only available for dispatch to addresses in UK postal Zone A.

For other UK post codes, EU and Eire please contact me directly for a quotation. 

There is usually a 3-5 day lead time from point of order to point of dispatch. 

- Total £65.00 GBP

  telephone_318-61547[1]Please ensure that you include a contact telephone number with your name and delivery address: it is required by the courier company in case of any difficulties during the delivery, which may be delayed if you do not include a contact telephone number.

£52.75 + £12.25 P&P making a total of £65.00