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Bloggers, Charities, Community Projects and Press please read.


Every week I receive several communications asking me to supply a Cargo Cycles Pallet Dismantling Bar Free Of Charge to this charity, that magazine and some other blogger.

Each one of these communications make claims that they will provide me with a good write up, a mention in their blog or on their web-site, a glowing report or prominent feature in a magazine article or some other publication if I supply them with a bar for free.

In the past I did supply a few bars to some of these people in anticipation of what had been promised and that was the last I ever heard of the bar, let alone see a completed article, and so from my point of view it has been a very uneconomical and a totally loss making exercise.

I am a one man business, and I am the one-man-band and that jack-of-all-trades that covers and completes all of the required tasks within Cargo Cycles: I do every thing, and that means every task from the most menial to the most complex and demanding, including running the errands and making the tea. I do all of the marking out, cutting, grinding, bending, prepping, jigging-up, welding, fettling, painting, packing, wrapping and dispatching, along with all the necessary paperwork, and required admin, and it really is just me on my own, with no-one else involved, and at least two hours of my life goes into the making of each and every bar.

Therefore, it is really unfair of you to ask me to supply you with a Cargo Cycles Pallet Dismantling Bar free of charge.

Yes, I do know and I am fully aware that what I have said may seem to you to be a bit harsh and even selfish of me, but like you and everyone else I have to make a living and theses Pallet Dismantling Bars do make up a part of my living. You really don’t know about the abuse I receive, and the insults I have to put up with when I refuse to give some chancer a free bar for their supposed project, and it is the fraudulent actions of these greedy, unscrupulous, self-centred people that are ruining it for the authentic members of the press, genuine causes and really worthwhile community projects out there.


1) If you are a bona fide Registered Charity or a Not-For-Profit-Organisation, then after you have purchased your 3rd Cargo Cycles Pallet Dismantling Bar, or if your organisation is already a full member of the National Community Wood Recycling Project; then I am absolutely certain that we can come to some agreement regarding a structured discounting scheme.

2) If you are a writer, journalist or freelancer then I ask that you purchase a bar, do your article including photographs, and when it has been published send me a retail copy of the magazine or publication containing the article, and I will then refund you in full for your purchase from Cargo Cycles: just let me know that you are intending to produce an article for publication when you place your order for a bar.

3) If you are blogger or vlogger, then I expect you to have a proven monthly average of no less than 10.000 (ten thousand) hits, and when an article complete with photos or video has been published on your blog, and has been in place for no less than 90 days then I will then refund you in full for your purchase from Cargo Cycles; just let me know that you are intending to produce an article or video for your blog when you place your order for a bar.


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